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About Us

Heritage Christian Academy has three foundational principles: Faith, Family and Fundamentals. Heritage is committed to the integration of the Bible in all academic subjects. Students are challenged to apply Biblical principals in relationships. Character curriculum is taught to instill the Fruit of the Spirit in practical ways. Transforming the hearts of students to love God and His word.

HCA recognizes the value of the home and is dedicated to assisting parents in training up children with a balanced lifestyle so that they might thrive spiritually, academically, physically and socially. It is our goal that students who complete our program will be able to serve and lead others with integrity and joy. Transforming relationships with students, staff and parents to create a community of people loving God and each other.

Heritage recognizes that learning is a lifelong process that extends beyond the classroom and will provide opportunities for students to ask questions, become thinkers, not just reflectors, of others' thoughts. Our high academic standards can be reflected in our standardized testing scores that rate Heritage in the 83% nationally. Transforming minds of students with high academic standards that develop critical thinkers.


Heritage Christian Academy

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