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About Us

General Contractor - Do you find that you just do not have the time to get special contracting projects done because of school being in session, many years of do-it-yourself projects and just don't want to do it any more, busy schedules with work, etc, yet do not want to spend outrageous prices that most contractors will charge because of living in the Area. If you are in need of small repairs, room additions, exterior/interior painting of your entire residence, power washing roofs and siding when it's cold and wet outside, drywall repairs, but would like to save on costly company quotes/bids that are outrageous in price, you can contact me for reasonable pricing accommodations. I have been painting and staining for over ten years and have started a small business after graduating from a University.

If you are reluctant at hiring outside sources because you do not feel comfortable with strangers working on your home, i can provide a list of references from business owners and homeowners to vouch for my performance and quality work. If you would like to paint projects on your own but you just simply have a hard time reaching because of height, do not have time because of a busy schedule, or just do not have the skills to perform painting, staining, and repair tasks, I can offer that service for you. I and my crew can complete small 50-100 sq. foot bathrooms to 2500 sq. foot or more interior/exterior surfaces of a home. There is no job that is to Big or small to tackle and your final product will have a professional finish.

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