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transforMD Primary care is one of the few direct primary care clinics in the Snohomish-King county area. Direct primary care is a novel health care model delivering high quality primary care services at very affordable rates. It focuses on patient care and aims to build a strong relationship between patients and their doctor. Access is easy when you need it, the visits are longer and cost is transparent. As a patient in our practice, you also get access to common generic medications at reduced prices and discounted cash prices for laboratory and imaging tests. We take care of everyone with or without insurance at a set monthly fee (ranges from $40-$99 depending on your age). Join us and be transforMD.
Transforming care.
Transforming lives.


  • Low monthly fees
  • Zero co-pays
  • Urgent care visits included
  • Unlimited technology visits
  • Transparent pricing on medications and lab tests

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