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"It just kept getting bigger and bigger, but I was too embarrassed to tell my mom.” Jaimeson Jones, of Bothell, Washington, was too embarrassed about the pain and swelling in his testicle to tell anyone. By the time he was diagnosed with testicular cancer, the #1 cancer in males age 15-44, it had spread through his body. After aggressive treatment and multiple surgeries, Jaimeson's cancer went into remission. It recurred several years later, and Jaimeson died in 2010 at age 20. Jaimeson didn’t have to die. Testicular cancer is 95-98% curable when caught early. However, perhaps most of all because of embarrassment about genital issues, half of all guys with testicular cancer do not seek medical care until it has spread. Tragically, every year, over 400 males in the U.S. alone die needlessly of this highly-curable disease. There is an inexplicable gap in education about testicular cancer. We aim to end that. Our vision is to end preventable deaths from testicular cancer. The Family Jewels Foundation implements a tongue-in-cheek, humorous and accessible approach in order to save guys’ lives by educating about testicular health, teaching monthly self-examination, and working to eradicate the awkwardness and embarrassment that cause delays in diagnosis and treatment of this highly-curable disease. We love to speak to service clubs, business organizations school and church groups, sports teams, classes, at health fairs and community events - you name it! We’ll bring snacks and the locally-famous Nut Hut, for a surprisingly-fun discussion on this lifesaving topic.

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  • Testicular cancer is the #1 solid tumor cancer of males ages 15-44
  • Testicular cancer is over 95% curable when caught early.
  • All men should do monthly testicular self-checks. SEE YOUR PCP if you have any of the below symptoms:
  • Testicles should not have lumps or bumps, should not be extremely different in size, and should not hurt.


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