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The Growth Coach North Puget Sound

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The Growth Coach® process is all about empowering business owners to restore their dreams with tangible actions, driving business success while balancing personal lives

Why coaching?
- Life Changing
- Allows business leaders rediscover their “Why”, the reason they began a business
- Work / Life Balance – more control over their own lives
- Financial

What is Coaching?
- A safe place to vet opportunities and challenges
- An accountability partner who helps you focus on your vision and helps you develop the strategy to get there
- A partnership with someone who has a knowledge base complimentary to your own
- Coached people become coaches

Why the Growth Coach?
- Coaching doctrine and materials strategically developed over 20 years with a strong history of success
- Programs are structured yet allow business leaders to focus on unique challenges within their business
- SMART goals and accountability:
--- Specific / Measurable / Attainable / Relevant / Time-Based
- Coaching concentrates on a one to three habits at a time - focus is key
- Group coaching approach allows participants to learn from other business leaders with similar challenges and experiences
- Allows for personal, one on one coaching to focus on individual issues
- A variety of programs designed to focus on the most common challenges that business leaders face
- Cafeteria-style solutions can be tailored to individual business needs


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