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The KleanTek offers the most powerful chemical-free solutions for disinfection performance across multiple industries... Offices, Schools, Day Cares, Nursing Homes, Adult Retirement Communities, Organic Food Production, Worship, Agriculture... And More

As we enter back to the workplace from Coronavirus, Do Not drench your workplace environment in chemicals. Let us demo our powerful solutions. So often, chemicals require 10-minutes of 'Dwell Time' before being wiped dry. You and your staff do not have time for that? With our solution, You Spray and Keep Working. Let us treat your space or Self-Serve and spray yourself!

Our solution Anolyte or Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL) is a disinfectant with high bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal effectiveness (approximately 50 times stronger than that of household BLEACH). Compared to other common disinfection chemicals, HOCL is not corrosive, irritating or harmful. Anolyte is a powerful 100% safe and biodegradable biocide, which has all the advantages of the most powerful chemical products and none of the disadvantages. Let us demo for you our protocol that is effective, cost-efficient, quick, safe and actually reduces training time, & labor hours for you and your staff. Learn more about this EPA-Registered product and why Bleach cannot hold a candle to Anolyte.


  • Chemical-Free Disinfection and Supply


Chemical-Free, Hospital Grade Disinfectant
Safe, Non-Toxic Solution can be applied by anyone
Safe, Non-Toxic Solution can be applied generously & often!
Safe & Chemical-Free Mask Sanitizer
Non-Corrosive, Labor & Cost Saving Solutions

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